Friday, December 22, 2006

One Week of Relaxation

I have been home in Columbus for about a week now. How glorious having nothing to do is. I am really glad I got two weeks off work. I am actually surprised it was approved. Highlights of this week include:
-sleeping in!
-going to Denise's orchestra concert (it brought back memories)
-attending my dad's work Christmas party (remember the summer I spent working in the law library? anyways, I got to see all those people again and it was fun)
-helping Vicki with wedding stuff (it made me feel like I have a purpose)
-spending time with family and friends
-doing nothing!
-receiving random myspace messages from kids I work with (they discovered me) But it is nice to know I am missed! I really had a chance to build better relationships with a few kids this past semester, being the social work intern instead of a regular staff member. I miss them too.

This break was needed. Right now I can't imagine going back to my crazy work/school schedule. Oh by the way, my grades for first semester were: A+, A+, A, A, and pass (practicum). Sorry, just had to share because I am proud of myself!

Tonight is Vicki's bachelorette party, which shall be fun. And yes Reba, Vicki is finally getting married and yes I am wearing the cheap dress I bought this summer. I got shoes to go with it the other day, and they actually cost a little bit more than the dress!

And on another random note, I received Christmas cards from Lindsey M. and Rhonda this week. I haven't heard from them in quite awhile!

Holiday Party 2006

This past Friday was the Holiday Party at Americana. I am not sure what the final count was, but it seems like there were more kids than last year. I would estimate 350-400. Getting ready for the party was a little more stressful than last year because we had less time and less staff. It was pretty ridiculous actually, but we pulled it off! I only had one nervous breakdown (at Walmart) but I won't go into that story here. I was head elf again this year, and passed out presents from about 4:15 until 8:30 straight. I think I had less complaints this year. Actually all of my kids (the ones that I know) were pleased. It was the kids I had never seen before in my life and just showed up to the Center to get a present that complained the most. I even had a couple moms try to get behind the dividers and pick out a toy themselves. How rude! Since all my kids were happy, I was happy. I think next year there are thoughts of making the party smaller because right now it is open to the community and getting a little out of control. Really, it is chaos. I think it would be much better if it was just open to the kids we already serve and their families...that is over a 100 people right there. I think that is good enough. After working 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. straight the day of the Holiday Party, I was quite exhausted.

Monday, December 11, 2006

1/4 a M.S.W.

I finished my first semester of grad school last Monday and it sure is a wonderful feeling! I celebrated with some classmates at Tumbleweed with $1 margaritas. No papers or projects to worry about for 5 weeks. So this past week I have just been working, and it seems so relaxing! Not that my job is what you would call relaxing, but when I come home I am done and that is what is great. I am not sure what my grades are yet, I will find out this week. I really don't have that much to write about, just wanted to say how great it is to have a break from school and relax a little! I am working a little extra this week to get ready for our big holiday party this Friday (where I will be an elf again) and get everything ready for the two weeks I will be gone. I am really looking forward to time spent at home with family and friends. and Vicki's wedding is the 29th and I'm a bridesmaid, so that will be a lot of fun. I am going home this Sunday. And I just love the Christmas season, it always puts me in a good mood. And I am done with all my Christmas shopping! And I didn't have to set foot in a mall! I did some "socially concious" shopping this season and I really feel good about it. All my purhcases were made at a fair trade store in Louisville (and the night I went 15% of the sales went to Americana) or at the open house for a group of Somali Bantu women who have started their own little business making various things (I won't say on here in case one of the recipients of my gifts is reading). The group started at Americana and it is so cool to know exactly who your money is going to. Ok, I did make one purchase at the U o f L bookstore, but it still isn't the mall!

Ok this post wasn't very exciting. Um...Friday night I had to act out "Moby Dick" in a game of Charades at the Americana staff party held at Edgardo's house. You can have fun imagining that one. I think I embarassed someone. I also had a few glasses of homeade sangria in me, it was delicious! Alright, that's all for now.

Oh yeah..can anyone tell me what is up with the two "anonymous" comments left on my last post? Did someone real write that or is it some kind of spam?? I am confused.