Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Semester and Weekend Road Trips...

I am a little over a month into my last semester of grad school, and have been out of town 3 out the 4 past weekends. My new schedule is practicum and work Mon-Wed, class and work on Thursday, and class all day Friday. Since I don't have class until Thursday, it is much easier to go on road trips compared to my Monday/Tuesday class schedule last year. But I also feel like I never have a significant amount of time to just rest! I am looking forward to being in town the next couple of weekends, before my two week trip to Germany for school!
Over Martin Luther King Day weekend I spent time in Bluffton/Findlay/Toledo. Several former Blufftonites were gathering to celebrate Eric's return from Vietnam, and most of them I hadn't seen since graduation, so I decided to make the trip. I think Chad was ecstatic to have 4 girls staying at his apartment in Findlay, hence all the towels. During this trip I also got to see all my grandparents, and spent the last part of the weekend in Toledo visiting Vicki. So it was worth the trip, plus a coworker/friend also had a friend in Toledo so he rode with me and helped with the gas, which is always nice.
The weekend after that, I made a trip to Eastern Kentucky with some friends to visit our friend Brittney who recently moved out there, joining a voluntary service unit. We ended up helping with a service project. I found out I suck at hammering, but am awesome at cleaning out gutters filled with nasty, black chunks of ice. Eastern Kentucky really is a whole other world...and the scenery is beautiful, even in the winter.
This past weekend I went home to Columbus and called Monday off work so I could go to the dentist there (because I am still under my mom's insurance - how wonderful!) Ironically, I planned the whole visit for this reason and then my car decided to die and I missed the appointment. I need to reschedule before I turn 25, so I have a few months...And my car is fine now, just needed a new battery. Well, actually the main problem was my headlights turned themselves on in the middle of the night and wouldn't turn off, which apparently has been a reported problem with my car when it is cold....I am hoping that doesn't happen again or I have a more serious problem! Other than that slight mishap, the weekend was lots of fun.
Other than fun trips, my life during the week consists of school, work and practicum. And this coming weekend I will actually be in town, and I plan to get some much needed rest!


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