Monday, April 30, 2007

1/2 an MSSW

Yes that's right, I'm halfway to having a Masters in Science of Social Work. My semester finished up last Monday. Hard to believe how fast it went! In case you were wondering, I still have my 4.0 :) And not having to worry about school for almost four months is a glorious feeling. I need to enjoy this time while I have it. Not only do I not have to worry about school, I also can postpone worrying about the real world for a little bit because I still have one year of school left before I have to make the big decisions. What a good place to be. Today I worked at Americana from 8-4, and then I was done. That's right. Only an 8 hour day and no homework. I didn't know what to do with myself! I worked out (cardio salsa!), cooked, watched some Jeopardy, relaxed, now I'm blogging. This is so wonderful. This summer shall be good. For the month of May I will have 40+ hours a week at Americana because someone is on vacation the whole month, then I can have up to 33 hours per week for the rest of the summer. I think that should be enough for me so I won't get another job. In my spare time I shall work out (my housemates and I are joining the Y close to us), read for pleasure (I spent almost an hour tonight figuring out what books I want to read this summer), scrapbook, expand my cooking skills, get allergy shots twice a week (isn't that exciting?), take naps, go out, and spend time with friends. And I can't forget just sitting around doing nothing because I can. Really, I can't express how much all this excites me. Grad school really steals your life temporarily. But I still enjoyed it. I took a couple days off work this past week so I could have a 4 day weekend to rejuvinate myself after a crazy semester. I went home to Columbus and spent lots of time with family and friends. I got to spend a lot of time with Denise which was fun, and she took that picture of me by the way (she decided I needed new pictures for my MySpace). And my friend Becky got married this weekend. Weddings are always fun. I caught the boquet - again- ha ha. I think that makes 5. Still not married though!! Anyways, I had a great time and now I'm back in Louisville and life is good. And the Derby is this weekend!! Time flies. It will be a good time I am sure. Sorry for the lack of paragraphs, for some reason this stupid one won't let me have them so my blogs will just be one big ramble!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Have a Life Again!

...and yet I am blogging. I turned in my last papers and projects on Tuesday (what a wonderful feeling!) and finished up my practicum hours tonight, along with the final girls group, which was a little sad. I have my final evaluation tomorrow (which is no big deal) and my last classes on Monday (with nothing due), so basically I am done! So you should be hearing from me more often, if I decide to keep up with the blog over the summer. I plan to do a lot of things this summer that I didn't have time to doing the school year, starting with working out and having a social life! Can't wait. These past couple of weeks were hard, especially since I was sick for part of them (big surprise huh?) Since you have last heard from me, I have had a sinus infection, severely pulled a muscle in my neck so I couldn't move it for a day (that's what happens when you sleep propped up on two pillows because you can't breathe, which leads me to...), and also have had some major allergy "issues" which includes lots of coughing and difficulty breathing. I went to an allergist today and I think it is finally time to go through with the allergy shots, which has been suggested to me a few times. Seriously, I am allergic to everything. Trees, grass, molds, dust, animals, weeds, etc. They poked me 70 times on my back today to prove it. That was fun. I still itch. All that said, I am rather tired because I did not get the proper chance to rest and relax lately, which I needed. I'm going to start that now. This weekend will be fun - the first one with no school work to worry about for a long time! And it is Thunder this weekend (big kick off to Derby). Can't believe it is that time of year again! Hopefully you will hear from me more in the future.