Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Where Have all the Bloggers Gone??

I never knew how much fun a box of old dance recital costumes could be. I had this brilliant idea last time I was home to bring them back to Kentucky with me so I could do a "fashion shoot" with the little girls. They often get jealous that they are too young to be in my girls group (which is for middle school girls) and ask why I never do anything fun with them. So yesterday was their turn. It was a good time. And I took so many pictures. I am actually doing something similar with my girls group tomorrow and throwing in some lessons about self-esteem in there.
I actually took a moment to check everyone's blogs and realized no one has blogged since February, except Reba. Where have all the bloggers gone? I haven't blogged since March 8 myself. I decided to procrastinate a little and blog so I could say I blogged more than once this month! It's amazing how fast March has gone.
I am feeling pretty overwhelmed with school right now. It's that time of year when papers and projects are constantly due and I am going a little crazy!! But my last day of class is April 23 so it is coming to an end. I will actually be relieved a little sooner: my last project is due April 17 and my last day of practicum at Americana is April 19. I have to keep reminding myself this so I can get through it. After that, I will simply be working at Americana. How nice that seems. I hope to get enough hours to be almost full time this summer so I don't have to get another job, but alas, it depends on funding (of course). Maybe even I am only working part-time I won't get another job and just be a bum! But that might not be good for my bank account. I am hoping for enough hours in once place so I don't have to juggle two jobs.
I was looking at my last blog and I did get to have a couple of fun weekends thrown in the midst of all this craziness. The first day that the weather was really nice here (which has been like three weeks now), me and several coworkers went on a spontaneous camping trip at Otter Creek Park not too far away. Most of us did not stay the night, but were there until like 3 in the morning. It was the perfect weather for enjoying the outdoors, without the bugs! Our friend Brian was in town for about a week over my spring break which means there was a party every single night. Even though I was on spring break at this time, I only made it to a couple of them. Then I went home for a weekend for a bridal shower, which is always nice, but too short. I can't wait until I can go home for a weekend and not have to worry about school work. I've pulled a couple of "almost" all nighters lately to finish up projects, presentations and papers. I still don't think I have quite pulled an all-nighter in all these years of school. I always get at least two to three hours of sleep in there.
I love this weather and the beautiful blooming trees, but my allergies hate it. I woke up with my eyes swollen shut yesterday. It was awesome. I need to get back on some prescription strength medicine. Not feeling my best plus all this school work plus having a million things to do at work has made me kind of loopy/stressed. I am trying to make the best out of it though. I just can't emphasize how much I need some rest and relaxation right now. But I have to wait three weeks for that. Seems like an eternity. Speaking of that, time to work one of my several papers.....
Please leave me nice comments reminding me it will all be over soon! (only to start over again in four months!!)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Happy International Women's Day!

Did you know it is International Women's Day? This is an important holiday in some countries throughout the world, and this year Louisville's celebration was held at Americana. We closed our normal youth programs because of this event today, which was a nice "break" from the normal routine. However Thursday is the day I usually have my middle school girls group, so I invited them to come celebrate International Women's Day instead and we just hung out in place of a formal meeting. However, they thought this celebration was "boring" and wanted to have a regular group session instead! I actually took pictures today, which is something it seems like I rarely do anymore (can you believe it?) I love how these boys were in the tree by the women's day sign the whole time during the rally. I also included a picture of me and my co-facilitator with some of our middle school girls. Finally, we had the kids make some art for the event, and I included my favorite piece, done by a 15 year old boy. My girls group is going really well this semester. It took a lot of work trying to get it started last semester, but it seems to have paid off. Last week we had a session on anger management, and I think it was the best one yet. They all participated and were really into the discussions. We ended with a discussion using the "iceberg" theory, all the problems that are underneath that people cannot see and may cause our anger. I am pretty sure every girl in that room cried. It was really powerful and I am so happy that we accomplished our goal of creating a safe place where these girls feel comfortable sharing what they have gone through. It was neat to see how they responded to each other and showed respect. The group is definitely my favorite part of the practicum experience at Americana.
So I read through my last post and really not much has changed. I am still very busy and it is very easy to feel burnt out and exhausted at the end of the day. But I am surviving and trying to do fun things once and awhile. It happens, but not enough! I have been meaning to update this thing for awhile, but haven't found the time or the energy. I guess I have to write so much for school that this feels like an added assignment!
Technically I am on spring "break" next week. This means no class (which I only have on Monday and Tuesday), but I am still working and getting practicum hours in, but I might not do as many as normal so it is somewhat of a break. However, I have a test, project and paper due right after spring break (including a book I need to read for one of those which I haven't started), plus two big group presentations that include ten page group papers (which I despise) a week after break. So, the time I would be spending in class will just be spent studying! How fun. I am realizing that the semester is past halfway over and the end is near, I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. When my last project is turned in on April 17 I will be extremely happy. Just working 40 hours a week sounds so glorious right now. I cannot wait. It seems like I have more papers and projects this semester, or maybe just more spread out so it feels like I am constantly working on them.
I was very sad to hear of the Bluffton baseball team bus accident this past Friday. It was a tragedy that hit too close to home, and I am sure the Bluffton girls are right with me. How weird is it to see the Bluffton campus on the CBS evening news? I am contiuning to pray for the families of those who were killed.
And to end on a brighter note, I have a couple fun weekends ahead of me, so that is exciting. And by fun I mean not spent doing homework the whole time! Seriously, my weekends usually consist of homework, cleaning, church and one fun thing that I allow myself Friday or Saturday night. Usually Saturday because I am so burnt out by Friday night that I tend to space out in front of the TV, seriously. One of my goals this summer is to remember what it is like to have a social life. Anyways, some friends that have moved away from Louisville are returning this weekend for a visit, so it should be good times (Brian, Emily and Craig for those who would know). And nice timing since I am on "break". Then the next weekend I am going home for a bridal shower, and it is always nice to get away for a little bit. However I really wish the drive was shorter!! I am getting very sick of it.
And by the way, Denise turned 13 yesterday, can you believe it?