Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Fun Saturday Morning at Work...

I am sitting here at work on a Saturday morning, so it's a perfect time to blog! It's crazy how fast time is going lately. How is it already May 19th?? So far May has been great! Again, a break from school is extremely wonderful. And this is officially my last summer not in the "real world". I'm trying my best to enjoy it. This month started out with a great Derby weekend. Some of my friends from Columbus drove down to experience the Derby (really, everyone should at least once in their lifetime!) Anyways, that is what the picture is of. It was another great, crazy day. Started out really early to beat the crowd and get a good spot with our Amish escort Amos (a.k.a. Dave). It wasn't as hot this year and was supposed to rain, but God did not allow rain on Derby day! Which was good becasue we had nothing to protect us from the rain. The infield was very muddy though because it had been rainining days before the Derby. But other than that, it was a great day! People annoy me though. Too many people. Oh yeah, I picked the winning horse, but so did everyone else, so not too much money was made from that!

For the month of May I am working different hours at Americana because one of my coworkers is on vacation for a whole month. So I am currently the evening front desk girl and have to close every night (I work until 9 p.m.) and work Saturdays 9-4. I am the only staff person here on Saturday, but other activities are going on. From what I understand, I am just supposed to be a "presence" in the office, so I can do things like update my blog and waste time on Facebook. I will do some work too though or I would be bored out of my mind. Second shift is definitely not my favorite, but I really shouldn't complain. Life is good. However, working in the office in the evenings while the after-school program is going on makes it impossible to get any work done for the 3 hours or so that the kids are here. If I have any work out I have to answer a million questions about what I am doing and why, along with getting interrupted about every 10 seconds, so I stopped trying to do that. But the after-school program ended Thursday so things will be much calmer in the evenings now. No kids until the summer program starts June 11 which is a nice break. Once Nermina returns I will probably be working more of an 8-4 shift which I prefer. Although then I will probably complain about having to get up so early.

Other than working, I have been working out at the downtown Y which I recently joined. It's been way too long since I have worked out regularly. I am sore today and it feels great! I plan to keep it up all summer and hopefully will have time to go at least once a week once school starts again! Have to get my money's worth. I have also been reading for pleasure which is wonderful. I have a huge stack of books checked out from the library, we'll see how many I get through! It is has also been great to have more time to spend with friends and do fun things, as well as just relax. I am reclaiming my weekends as time to have fun, not do homework. Oh yeah, I started getting allergy shots. One in each arm. The right arm always swells up really big where I got the shot and itches like crazy. But other than that, it's ok. I hope over time these really work becasue a) they are freakin expensive and b) I really want to not be allergic to everything anymore. I was over at a friend's house who has a cat last night and was really suffering by the end, even with all my allergy medicine. Wouldn't it be wonderful for that to not happen anymore?? Hopefully some day.

Oh yeah, my birthday is next Saturday! I'll be 24, crazy. I decided to go home for my birthday this year to spend it with my family and Columbus friends since last year I stayed in Louisville. It should be a nice long weekend. Convenient how my birthday is always around Memorial Day. If anyone feels like driving to Columbus for my birthday dinner next Saturday, you are welcome!!