Sunday, June 24, 2007

Enjoying Summer

I had a wonderful week long vacation in Hilton Head Island with my family. After returning to Louisville and one week of work, I am ready for another vacation! It was so relaxing. And I got a pretty nice tan (which can't be seen in this picture because it was taken at the beginning of the week). As you can see, we stayed right by the beach. So my days were spent there, along with the pool, mini-golf, bike riding, shopping, eating out, reading, and simply doing nothing. How wonderful. The weather was pretty nice, just rained one day.
Now I am back into the swing of things in Louisville. I am still immensely enjoying summer and having a break from school. Work was a little stressful for me last week though. I guess that is how it normally is after having a week off. We are in the midst of the summer program, so kids are in the building all day long. I spend the mornings at the desk in the front office, which can be hectic at times, and the afternoons doing various things. I may help out with the summer program a little bit, but didn't have the chance to last week. My duties are more administrative now, instead of hands on with the kids. So now I am stressed in a different kind of way! I still get to see my kids daily though, so it's all good. And now I'm not the one that has to discipline them, I just hang out with them in the office when they are in trouble. I like that change. Anyways, I have plenty to do at work and there is never a dull moment, but we won't talk about that now because it is Sunday and I am relaxing. I have realized how important it is to try and forget about work once I leave for the day. Especially with the jobs I will be having in the non-profit/social work field. They are draining by nature, so you have to take care of yourself.
I love the weekends. During school they never felt like a break. But now they truly are. This weekend I had absolutely nothing planned and just played it by ear. I wish more weekends were like that. I was sick during the first half (big shocker), but felt better enough by yesterday to enjoy a Louisville Bats game (which was interrupted by some much needed rain) and then watching a movie with friends.
I have been working on taking care of myself this summer. I am trying to eat better, working out regularly (a Y membership is a big help with this), faithfully getting my expensive allergy shots, getting enough sleep and have started going back to the chiropractor. And my stressload is definitely lighter. But I still got a bad cold right before vacation and then some weird stomach flu type thing at the end of this week. Can someone please explain this to me? What else can I be doing to avoid getting sick all the time???
I'll end with that. I am going to the Y in a little bit for some cardio and weight lifting. I have also been enjoying group classes, but they don't have any today.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Sudanese Dancing Debut

This afternoon was fun. The Sudanese community reserved the Center for a cultural celebration they always have at this time of year. I was having a nice conversation with the man who reserved the building the other day and like always, they say I am welcome and I say "maybe I'll stop by if I have the time". Usually I don't (not because I don't want to, but normally I have other things to do on the weekend/want to be away from the building I work in), but this time I was obligated. Somehow our conversation turned to "do you like to dance?" and "do you like these dresses?" (he was pointing to a picture). Me saying yes to both of these things turned into "Ok, you come Sunday at 3:30 and we will have a dress for you and you will dance on stage with us" I was reminded yesterday at the world festival so I knew it was for real. So I came. They gave me a dress to wear and after eating and then moving to the gym, I was rushed backstage where I was quickly taught what I was expected to do and then the curtains opened and I danced in front of 150+ people. I had a lot of fun, and was only slightly embarassed. And so you aren't too impressed - the steps were not difficult and anyone could catch on. It was an enjoyable afternoon. It was a situation I could not have imagined myself in two years ago, but seemed quite normal today. I came by myself and probably knew about 10 people there (and most of them kids), but I was immediately welcomed and felt quite comfortable. And everyone seemed to like my dancing!

Birthdays and World Festivals

I had a nice birthday last weekend (May 26th in case you missed it!) I went home to Columbus for the long weekend. Drug out my birthday as long as I could. Had a few celebrations and a couple of cakes. I got to spend my birthday with family and good friends from home which is always nice. I'm 24 now, how old! Anyways, good times were had. And I saw Spiderman 3 and Pirates 3, both were entertaining but a little on the long side. It was a nice mini vacation from work before gearing up for our big World Festival which was this past weekend. We had a kick-off concert Friday night and then the festival all day Saturday (2-10 p.m.). I stayed for the long haul. This was the first year the festival was held in June and at Americana (and it was the 17th annual one). It was formerly in September and at a shopping center. This confused people and we didn't have as big a crowd, but it was still a lot of fun. I mostly sat at the booth representing Americana where I was kept entertained by all the kids (basically they wouldn't leave me alone, but it was fun). I also ate some good food, danced some salsa, and made my own tye-dye t-shirt. Not a bad day.

Now that I am settled into a routine I feel I don't have much to write about! And I have been working at the same place for nearly two years so what else is there left to tell? I assume it is obvious that I still enjoy it and have fun with the kids. This past week was my last working the evening shift which I am quite happy about! Not sure what my schedule will be now, but I think I'll go in at 8 tomorrow. The earlier I'm there the earlier I can leave. I'm excited about having evenings again, but not excited about getting up earlier. Oh well, can't have it all! I'm still working out regularly at the Y which I actually enjoy. I am going to start taking group fitness classes this week (the only ones I could take with my old schedule were "silver sneakers"). My housemate Dan and I are trying out Pilates tomorrow evening. There are a bunch of options so I shouldn't get bored. I am also immensley enjoying leaving work and being able to think "what shall I do tonight?" instead of "oh my gosh I have so much homework I should be doing". Whether I decide to go out or stay in, I am enjoying myself. Oh yeah-I am leaving for Hilton Head this coming Friday for a week vacation with my family, which is a part of my yearly routine but still exciting. I will miss the first week of the summer program at ACC. That's when I got hit in the head with a basketball last year, so maybe it's a good thing!
So today started out normal - went to church and then out to lunch at the good old Vietnam Kitchen. Then I had an interesting afternoon - I think I'll do a separate post for that.
Hope you enjoy the pictures and the return of my ramblings. The garden one is for any former LUCers looking at this. It's still alive and kicking - and the Bosnian women are still out there every night!