Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Where does the time go?

October is almost over and I almost made it without a new blog. I guess the days of blogging regularly are over. As you can see, a lot has happened (but don't worry, the baby is not mine!)
Okay, I guess I'll explain the pictures first: The top two are from Americana's annual chaos in the form of a fall party and talent show. I am still running a group for middle school girls, and I was proud to see them perform four versions of "crank that" (superman, spiderman, lion king, and yank). And if you don't know what that means, you are behind with the times. I am proud to say I also learned all these dances through observation (I let them practice during group time), and then decided to teach the rest of the staff and perform the same dance in front of the kids at the end of the show - I believe they found it amusing. The other picture if of a very disappointed kid when he did not win a bike in the costume contest. Notice he is not wearing a costume - but he was still very distraught. Picture 3: The baby belongs to my good friends Celeste and Matt. She was born in the beginning of October and I was able to meet her soon after when I went home for a weekend. This picture amuses me because it looks like she is being attacked by hands. Picture 4: I decided to be the traditional witch this year for Halloween. I dressed up for the Americana fall party. This is my sweeping up with a minature broom after the party. Unfortunately, you can't see my very dark eye make-up, which made the outfit. Picture 5: My former housemate Keith came to visit. We hadn't seen him since he left for Germany over a year ago. I believe I am supposed to say his visit was the best time Louisville has seen in 2007. The picture was taken at the big St. James Art Fair (my third one! I am a native now).
For other updates. My life mostly consists of school, work, and practicum.
School - It is going well. I like my classes for the most part. I have an advanced research class which is pretty intensive and consuming and made me realize I never want to do research.
Work - Americana is still the same and I still enjoy it. I help out with the after-school program a couple days a week, and the other days focus on more "administrative" things. And like I said, I still run my girls group which is fun. I imagine some day I will no longer be working there - it's hard to imagine leaving all those great kids! They make my day.
Practicum - In case you forgot, I am working in the immigration legal services department at Catholic Charities. I enjoy it and am learing a lot of new things about immigration law and policy, which is useful information. I am seeing clients and helping them with legal casework.
Life outside of these things - Unfortunately, this takes up most of my time. But I have been doing my best to do fun things on the weekend. Keith was here a few weeks ago, then I went home to Columbus for a weekend, and Alisa was here this past weekend. She came for a wedding. It has been over two months now since she moved to Baltimore. So I have had a few non-stop weekends, but they have been fun. This weekend I am going to a church retreat and am looking forward to a chance to relax and get away.