Thursday, August 04, 2005

*Cough Cough*

Guess what? I'm still sick! I can't seem to get rid of this thing. I am now in the coughing fit stage. And I'm still itchy, but no hives thanks to Benadryl. However the bottle is almost gone. Anyways, I had a nice visit at Laura's on Tuesday. Abby Mo and I both made the trip to Troy, OH to see Laura's new apartment. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes to get there, not a bad drive. We went out to lunch where I had some delicious hunka chunka icecream and then hung out the rest of the afternoon. Then I headed back to Columbus for Kim's birthday dinner. However, due to some horrible traffic it took me much longer to get back. I basically sat in my car without moving for around a half an hour. How fun! By the time I got downtown to the restaurant it was 8:00 (and I left Troy around 5:45). We ate at Haiku, a Japanese restaurant I had never been to. It was really good. Oh yeah..when I stopped at a gas station on the way back two guys of Hispanic descent sitting in a truck nearby took a picture of me on their phone. I know they took a picture because I was facing them and it was my exact same camera phone. They aimed it at me, pushed the side button, and then started smiling at me. My Spanish teacher in high school always told us that it was part of their culture to stare and whistle at girls, however I think taking a picture of an innocent stranger at a gas station is crossing the line.

Today is my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. Amazing huh? We are having a big celebration for them this Saturday in Findlay. They have no idea that my whole family from Idaho is flying in for the party (which consists of my mom's brother and his wife, their five kids, and their families...three of my cousins are married and two of them have three kids each). My aunt and uncle and the two unmarried cousins flew into Columbus last night. My aunt and uncle went on to Findlay and Steve and Katie are staying here until Saturday since we are hiding them from my grandparents. I haven't seen much of them though because I was at work last night and now they are at the Ohio State Fair with my family. I decided not to go because I am still sick and I have to work tonight. It would have been fun...oh well. I have only met my family in Idaho a couple times, so I don't know them that well. I guess I'll get to know them this weekend. It's weird that I know my family in France so well and they are even farther away than Idaho. But I guess I see them way more often, which is lucky. Well it's off to work. I was banished to the back last night for awhile because of my severe coughing. Hopefully it is better tonight.


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