Sunday, July 17, 2005

Willy Wonka, Harry Potter, and Bluffton

First of all, I must say that I loved Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I am still a big fan of the original, but this one is good too. You can't really compare them. They are both good. So everyone should go see it. Abby, I think you'll find it is less vulgar than Wedding Crashers ;) And in other exciting pop culture news, I own the 6th Harry Potter book! Denise and I briefly attended a Harry Potter party at Barnes and Noble, but did not wait around to buy the book at midnight. Instead we had it shipped to my grandma's house in Bluffton on Saturday, where we were because of my family reunion. And although my mom was number 300 something on the reserve list at the library, we were able to pick up the book today. We now have two copies so Denise and I don't have to fight over it. I also started reading "The Gospel According to Harry Potter" which my mom got at the library as well. It is very interesting. I would say everyone should read it, but it probably won't make sense unless you've read the books.

As I mentioned earlier, my family reunion was in Bluffton this year. We usually have it at some park in the Wooster area, but since my grandma was in charge this year we had it in the Krieder Room (which was a little odd) It was so weird being back on campus. It still makes me sad to think I'll never be returning as a student. I think my family enjoyed the buffet-style banquet (although I must say I really have had enough Marbeck Food). We also enjoyed playing croquet and batchi ball on the lawn by Sauder. Esther and Wendell "crashed" my reunion (Esther's words!) Wendell is a cousin of one of my dad's cousins on the other side (if that made sense). I was excited to see Indira, who was working at Marbeck front desk. I wasn't expecting to see her again after she left for Spain in January. I also saw Colleen, Megan, and Angie who were working my family reunion. I visited Josh and Elena for a little bit (and I got my Beowulf video back!) We passed Sue and Gerald while we were driving to my grandma's house, but I couldn't exactly jump out of my van in front of their van to say hi. I also heard that Ruth is working on campus this summer at the career development center. I don't know if any of you knew that. But unfortunately I couldn't see her because she wasn't living on campus. So to sum it up, it was weird to be back in Bluffton. I will now add some pictures to liven up the post.

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You're such a dork :)!! But that's why I love you!!


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