Friday, June 10, 2005

Smoky Mountains Here I Come..

Early tomorrow morning I will be leaving for Tennessee for my family vacation. I will return the following Saturday. We have gone to Hilton Head for our vacation for many years in a row now, but this year we are changing it up. I have never been to the Smoky Mountains. I am sure it will be nice and relaxing, not that I am in great need for this because I have done plenty of it lately.

This was my first week working at Starbucks and with Will and I realized the week goes a lot faster when you do stuff! I really do enjoy my job at Starbucks so far. The training stuff is boring (and very extensive) but it will be a lot better when it is done. I got to make lots of drinks and ring stuff up the other day. I could easiliy get fat there..they have a lot of yummy drinks. And everyone I met so far is very nice. And I found out another good thing about the company..they donate all their leftover pastries to a shelter downtown. When I worked at Tim Hortons I threw away countless amounts of food every night. I asked why they could not donate it somewhere and they said it was because of liability reaons, but obviously Starbucks has worked around that.

Last night I participated in the "Senior Crawl" at OSU. Basically. all the graduating seniors visit all the bars along High Street. Kim and I went with some of our OSU friends and pretended we went there too. It was fun. I was the driver so I only had one drink and I had fun watching all the crazy people. The bars were packed, obviously. Craziness. We joined in the tradition of wearing white shirts and carrying around Sharpies so we could have people sign our shirts. I now own a t-shirt with many random, intersting signatures, complete with some blood from Kevin's hand (he fell on a broken beer bottle). We ended the night with Waffle House at 3 a.m. Good times.

Now I must go watch Will. I will post when I return from Tennesee. And when I come back I plan on figuring out how to put pictures on this thing to make my posts more interesting.


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