Sunday, June 05, 2005

Spiderman is cool

Hello friends. I am sitting on my couch on my dad's laptop watching Spiderman on the nice plasma TV. This past weekend was fun. Friday was the most random night I have had in awhile which is always fun. I first re-lived my colorguard days by helping judge colorguard try-outs at Westland High School where my friend Jenni just got a job as the colorguard instructor (yeah Jenni!) Incidently, she got this job after they fired Kris, my former/PSYCHO/very mean instuctor. What goes around comes around. He told Jenni she couldn't do it, but she is going to have 20 girls on her guard which is the biggest they've had and I am happy for her. Then Kim, Jenni, and I went out to dinner. We had no idea what to do after this..and then Jenni found out about a Westland High staff party going on about two minutes from where we were. Since Jenni is a new staff member..we were all invited. Imagine walking into a backyard full of extremely wasted high school teachers, principals, and other staff on their last day of school. It was amusing to say the least. I wonder if my high school teachers did this?? The head principal of the school was rolling around in the grass. The three of us were hit on by several older men and accused of being underage several times (apperantly none of us look 21). I met someone who graduated from Bluffton in 98. He was a football player and said he loved it there. He told me he was in the HPER program and he hated Perry Bush, so I do not believe we would have been friends. It came up that I was a Mennonite (well kind of..I like to claim myself as one now) and I had to explain to several different people that Mennonites are different from Amish. It is interesting trying to have an intellecutal conversation with old drunk people. I was referred to as "The Mennonite" the rest of the night. This came in handy when a 32 year old repeatedly asked me out. He wanted to take me to the movies. I told him that Mennonites do not watch movies or date. He was kinda cute..but ten years no thanks. After the party ended we headed to a bar in Hilliard with some of the younger staff then ended up at the 32 year old's house because he happened to live on the same street as Jenni. All and all, it was a fun/random night. Oh yeah, Kim and I also had an interesting road rage encounter that night. Saturday I wandered around Hobby Lobby with Denise for about an hour, then hung out with Kim and Jenni again all night, but it was much more tame. Saw Hitch at the dollar theatre for the second time. I decided I really like that movie. You should see it if you haven't already.
Today I went to church, then straight to work with Will, then straight to Starbucks for my first day of training. It was rather boring, lots of paperwork and reading and and answering questions, but I got to do some coffee tasting! They really take their training seriously. It will be about two weeks until I am done (with a week of vacation in between, so really three). I was excited to see that Starbucks recycles. Tim Hortons did nothing of the sort. They recycle their coffee grounds to use for gardening, plus all their plastic and paper. Everyone I met was really nice and much more normal than the folks I worked with at good old Timmy Hs (minus Celeste of course), so I think I will like this job. It sure beats sitting in a cubicle eight hours a day..even if it does not pay as well.
Well I hope my detailed description of my weekend did not bore anyone!
Oh yeah, one more thing - two comments I am sick of hearing from my parents
1. My dad bringing up the fact that I won't be making money for a year and how horrible this is (who cares that I am dedicating a year of my life to service..)
2. My mom implying that I should be getting married around this time and it is weird that I am not
Oh and one more thing - I also got to relive my fifth grade days these past couple weeks by attending Denise's first big orchestra concert, the fifth grade play, DARE graduation, and an awards ceremony where Denise got a presidential academic award signed by W. himself (I got one signed by Clinton when I was in fifth grade). I also went to school with Denise for a half day last week and helped her class scrapbook. One of their assignments is to make a scrapbook of their fifth grade year and they were all into it, even the boys. It was a lot of fun.
Ok I'm done for real.


At 9:08 PM, Blogger abbymo said...

You make me laugh too!!! I miss you!! And no, you didn't bore me at all!!

At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Erin said...

Maria! I've worked with those Westland cats a bunch, it's great that Jenni got a job there, it's a good school. One of my best friends from college Courtney is the new woodwind instructor at westland, I'm pretty sure you were drinking with her! And which of the guys was hitting on you??? Sounds like fun! :) AND you work at Starbucks!


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