Friday, August 19, 2005

Where are all my pictures???

Kim and I drove up to Toledo to visit Vicki Sunday morning and stayed until Monday night. It was so nice to just hang out with two of my best friends for two days. We went out to eat four times in a row since Vicki had no food. We kept it pretty cheap, the most expensive being Olive Garden. We went to this nice park near her house on Monday and walked around. It was so pretty and a perfect day for it. I was going to post some pictures, but after I loaded them on to my computer and went to save them in a folder I discovered that all my pictures from this summer are gone!!!!! (and there are a lot of them). I had them all organized, named, and saved into folders and I edited a lot of them. And they are nowhere to be found. At first I was really upset because I have no prints of most of them and they are no longer on my camera. But then I realized they are all still in my photo loader program, but it will take a long time to organize and edit them again. But at least they are not gone for good or I would probably be very upset right now (you know I am am such a picture person). I was about to wake up my dad and ask him why they are gone, but I decided against it. It was either him or Denise that made them disappear. Ugh, I am so frustrated. I also had a bunch that I took on my camera phone and if I don't find these folders, those are lost forever. When I find out what happened and reorganize my pictures, I will post some. Anyways, my trip to Toledo was fun. Oh yeah, I ran into Dave Schwartz (I think that is his last name..) from Bluffton at the Toledo mall, in the dress section at JC Penny. That was random.

Yesterday I began my eight day stretch of working, and several of those days I am working both with Will and at Starbucks. My last day at both is this coming Wednesday and then I move Sunday. Hopefully that is enough time to get everything organized and ready. Perhaps I should have given myself more time..oh well. I realized today how much I will miss working with Will. I started when he was 4, and now he is 7. Today was a really good day with him. He was being so cute and in a great mood. Denise came with me and for like an hour all we did was dance to the Music Choice channels, everything from salsa to techno to heavy metal. Will found us quite amusing. I felt like I was a little kid again. It was fun. Working with him has been quite challenging, but very rewarding at the same time. And I have learned a lot from the experience, especially having patience.

I have a somewhat interesting Starbucks story. Yesterday I worked at a store in German Village (downtown) because they needed some shifts covered. First of all it was weird because one of the managers from my store ended up being there too, which I wasn't expecting. Anyways, this particular Starbucks opened three years ago right across from a Cuppa Joes (not sure how to spell that) and near another local coffee shop. I guess a lot of people were upset being that Starbucks is a giant, global corporation. The guy I worked with said the first year was pretty rough. People through bricks into the windows and shot at the store and other things like that. The windows are now bullet and brick proof. The local coffee shop ended up going out of business but Cuppa Joes is still there and they both do well. I found this story interesting. I have always felt a little guilty working at Starbucks after having classes my last two semesters with Perry Bush. I can't help but wonder, "what would Perry think?" So I am working for an evil, global corporation who move in and close small businesses...but at least they recycle. And they take good care of their employees. I actually think they are a pretty good company after all I have learned(and I had to learn a lot...their training was extensive). But I will always think of global corporations as "evil" thanks to my Bluffton education.

Wow this entry is long. Congratulations to all who read the whole thing. I apologize about my picture rant, but I am still mad about that. I really want to wake up my dad, but it is 12:40 a.m. I guess it can wait until morning.

Oh yeah one more thing. I got the stitches removed from my mouth on Tuesday. So I am now in the "syringe phase" of the wisdom teeth removal. All I have to say is....SICK.


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