Thursday, August 25, 2005

Maybe I should start packing sometime soon...

My last day at Starbucks was yesterday, well at that store anyways. The last few days of work were pretty hectic due to our broken espresso grinder, low coverage, and being extremely busy. So the time flew by. I have to admit this was the first time I have been sad to leave a job. I'll miss everyone. I would have gotten more money and more predictable hours working somewhere like Ashland again this summer, but I also would have wanted to jump off a cliff, so I think I got the better end of the deal. I spent last summer sitting in a cubicle from 8-5 doing mindless work talking to no one and on my last day nobody even said goodbye. I spent this summer making coffee and talking to lots of people and I have to admit it was a million times better. And I now know what a half caf quad venti three pump nonfat no whip extra hot white mocha is. Do you? Last night I had a going away celebration with my coworkers at a pub across the street from our store. Almost everyone came which is awesome, even the store manager. It was a lot of fun. I'm sad I only got to know them for two and a half months. My last day working with Will was Tuesday. I almost cried on the way home. I am going to miss him.

I move to Louisville this Sunday. That is in three days! What have I done to prepare? Absolutely nothing. The only productive things I have done today are take a shower and spend a half an hour on the phone with stupid car insurance people. Oh well I always wait until the last minute. I just hate moving. I put a lot of effort into cleaning out and reorganizing my room at the beginning of the summer and now I have to undo all of it! I can't wait until I have a permanent home. But I am excited about the experience I am about to have. What I am most nervous about is making barely any money, but I know it will teach me some valuable lessons. Oh..I recently found out there will be six of us in the house..five girls and one guy. I am looking forward to meeting my roommates. And I also found out it is ok for me to have another job. I already talked to a Starbucks five miles away from where I will be living and it looks like I can easily transfer there. So that's good. I don't plan on working there much though.

Ok I need to get some stuff done now so I will shut up! First I will post some pictures.


At 8:23 PM, Blogger Abby said...

Good luck moving! You might want to start packing soon, it seems to always take longer than expected! I don't like anything that tastes like coffee, but I love Starbucks...I always get a vanilla steamer. (I'm boring)


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