Friday, July 15, 2005

My very exciting and interesting week

Ok, I lied. My week really wasn't very exciting or interesting, but that does not stop me from posting or you from reading! Anyways, I did not work until Wednesday so I had five days off in a row which was a nice break. Since I worked all evenings except for today I was home with Denise almost all week. I took Denise and Carl bowling yesterday. I won! (pretend to be impressed) I also started working out again this week, I took around a month off. I did Tae-bo on Wednesday with Kim, one of the new DVDs (Kim acidentally ordered like 12 of them one late night from an infomercial) And Denise and I worked out to a Paula Abdul dance DVD yesterday (a different one, it was fun). I hope to keep it up, It is much easier to work out when I don't work mornings. After getting up early and working eight hours it is hard to find the motivation. I discovered another perk of working at t-shirts. I now own a bright green t-shirt that says "the drink now matches the straw". I had to wear it on Wed when we started selling green tea stuff. I think it will be one of those fun t-shirts I never get rid of, like all my various beaver shirts.

This morning I went out to breakfast with my friend Kristen who I had not seen for a year. We used to dance together. It was nice to catch up. Then I worked at a different Starbucks in Upper Arlington. It was interesting. First I got to clock in as a "borrowed partner" which I found amusing for some reason. And they assumed I was a manager since I was covering a manager's shift, and I'm I've only worked here a month. A manager did show up, but he was from a different store too. Then everyone else left and the two of us who had never worked at that store before remained. And it happened to be very busy. We were by ourselves for two hours with nonstop customers. I had to make like 30 drinks at once. And we kept running out of stuff and neither of us knew where to find anything, so that kept it interesting. My four hour shift went by very quickly. Then I had an appointment with the oral surgeon. I will be getting my wisdom teeth out Monday, August 8. Can't wait!

Tonight I am seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!! We have to wait and go to a late showing since Kim disn't get off work until 10ish. I have been excited about this movie for months, isn't that pathetic?? I hope it lives up to my expectations.


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