Friday, July 01, 2005


I just got home from a fun Friday night of working at Starbucks. I just read Abby's update about how she has nothing to talk about..and I really don't either, but I will ramble on anyways as always. So, what have I done since my last worked...and I is going well by the way. I can actually make all the drinks now and understand customers when they order complicated stuff. My schedule is varied..this week I had a few mornings, a couple afternoons, and a night shift. I decided I like not having a set schedule. It is nice to be done with work around 2 or 3, but is also nice to sleep in. And I get to do both. Tomorrow (or technically today) I am working with Will and at Starbucks, so my weekend is not too exciting. I plan to do something fun on Sunday though.

Other than work....hmmm...I saw War of the Worlds opening night. Good movie! You should see it, unless your name is Rebekah or Laura. I was actually creeped out when I left the theatre, which doesn't usually happen. But I enjoyed the movie. I took Denise and a couple of her friends putt-putt golfing the other day. Kim joined us (which was very helpful for my sanity). It was sooooooo hot outside. But other than that it was fun. So yeah I really got nothing else. I am going to bed so I can get eight hours of sleep!

Oh yeah..the road trip is planned. Abby Mo, Laura, and I are leaving next Friday to visit Reba in PA. I am excited! I am so glad you can come Laura! (And I wish Abby S could come too...) How about Chris?


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