Saturday, June 18, 2005

Vacation is Over

I returned from my vacation in Tennesee this afternoon. It was a lot of fun. It was nice to go somewhere different and see new things, although I would have gotten a better tan at the beach. :) The Smoky Mountains are beautiful! I took several pictures on the new digital camera I got for my birthday. It is nice to know I do not always have to travel overseas to see some beautiful sights. We did a lot, which is very different from my usual vacations filled with laying out at the beach and watching TLC. Let's see if I can list all we did...Dollywood (Cedar Point with a country flare), Gatlinburg (to visit the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum and aquarium), hiking and driving through the National Park (two different days and areas), the Louise Mandrell Show (yes I went to a country music show..although it wasn't all country), Chinese Acrobats (just as cool as the ones that came to Bluffton..and I had second row seats!), and I think we went to three different mini-golf places. Our cabin was really nice. We had to drive up some very steep and twisty roads to get there. It was located just outside of Pigeon Forge, which was a good thing because wow..I do not think a town could get any uglier/tackier, even with the gorgeous background of the Smokies. Anyone who has been there agree with me? Our cabin was seculded with a great view of the mountains and that's it. And we had our own hot tub! The only negative thing was the frisky squirrels running around on the roof which woke me up every night. All and all, it was a good vacation. Now back to reality. I start working again on Monday.

I arrived home to lots of mail waiting for me, including a few belated graduation cards with unexpected money and four checks (two from Bluffton, one from Starbucks, and one from my job with Will). So that made my day. Starbucks sure is an efficent company, I do not think I have ever gotten a paycheck so fast, it was dated less than a week after I started. I finally got my first check from working with Will since we graduated a month and a half ago. I almost forgot I was doing that job for money! (which I imagine is a good thing).

One of my dad's cousins sent me a $50 dollar MasterCard gift card that I could use anywhere. Since I could not put the money in the bank (like I did with all my other graduation money) and it happened to be the same amount as the third complete season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer..I went out and bought it today. At least I can justify it to myself. I had to buy something....I am sure it could have went to something more useful, but I decided to just give into my Buffy addiction.

After I publish this I will attempt to figure out how to put some pictures on here from my vacation, it may or may not work! I might get frustrated and just go and watch Buffy.


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