Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Getting Settled

It hasn't been that long since I last posted, but I thought I would write another entry because I have some pictures to post so here I go again. We got our first stipend checks yesterday, opened new bank accounts, then made our first trip to the grocery store. I am never going grocery shopping with six people ever again. Anyways, we made a decision on how we are going to pay for food. At the beginning of the month we will put in $100 of our check in our "money pot" (a cheap bag we bought at Wal-mart). We will take turns going shopping and use that money. So we are all sharing food, which is the easiest. We came up with a staples list of things we should always have in the house. I helped cook tonight, imagine that. I am glad I am finally learning. Not that cooking is hard, it's just something I've never really had to do. Oh yeah, we don't have a dishwasher so we get to do dishes. Three of us chipped in for a wireless router last night so I now have my own internet which is convenient. Today we took a tour of our neighborhood and met everyone that works in our building. I learned some history of where I am living - it used to be a prominent all girl's Catholic high school which had to eventually shut down. Now the school houses the Americana community center and the offices for the South Louisville Community Ministries. Our part of the buliding is where the nuns who taught at the school stayed, hence the old convent. Due to the amount of people in and out of our building we get a lot of random, confused visitors. Today we also got library cards (how exciting!) and went to Iriquois Park, a really pretty park only a couple miles from our house. Kentucky is a much prettier state than Ohio. I know I've already said this, but Louisville is a really neat city. I had no idea! So everyone come visit. I know it's not as cool as living in Bangladesh or Europe..but it's Kentucky! come on. Ok I'm going to watch a movie with my housemates now.


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